How to write a script for a game

With Writer’s Cards, you will write a script for a game. Learn how to plan the plot for a game.


When creating a script for a game, start working on the game rules and limitations. The form card will help you to do this. In games, the main character is not under the control of the author, his or her place is taken by the player. With the help of the protagonist, the player learns and co-creates the story. Indicators and variables in a game that describe the state of the game and the protagonist, such as fatigue, strength, hunger, and their updates, should be described in detail in the concept and topic card and in the protagonist card.

Pay special attention to the item card, which will describe the in-game items, active, passive and collecting items (secrets). The definitions of items must include their appearance, properties and position in space, as well as other places where the item can be moved in the course of the game. Using the time card, describe when the player can collect an item and what information he or she obtains.

The nature card must correspond to the assumptions of the world card and the science and technology card. Mysterious traces should include the condition of their recognition, as well as the consequences in case of failure to recognize them. Using the place card, plan the appearance of the relevant locations, as well as how to proceed to the next stage of the game.

Depending on the game genre, it is necessary to develop the creatures card and the magic card. Plan the animals, magical creatures, their appearance, properties, as well as their influence on the protagonist.

The story and dialog card is the place to develop stories and conversations between characters.


Among Plot Cards, a great deal of attention should be paid to the trial cards. These cards should contain the definition of the passage, including the condition and the answer in case of its failure. If the condition is met, new screens or possibilities should be defined, described in the magic card, the science and technology card and the culture card.

Each card pushing the storyline forward (the card starting the action, the card of situation without turning back) should define the changes in the game world that will allow the player to move to the next stage.


Editing Cards are essential to create an engaging and logical scenario. You can easily organize all events prepared with Value Cards and Plot Cards. The story will be ordered and you will decide what emotions the reader will experience.

Using the settings card, introduce the reader to the presented world. Use the incident card to determine the goal and increase the pace of the action, and with the cards: story, increase of the action and breathing space, manipulate the emotions of the recipient. Use the climax card to find the moment to introduce the peak of the tension, while describing the card the evolution of conflicts control tensions and disputes.

All Writer’s Cards sets contain 14 Editing Cards.

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