How to write a love novel

You will write a love novel with Writer’s Cards. Learn how to write a romantic novel.


In a romance, pay attention to the protagonist card. He or she must have the personality of a reader to identify with him or her. The protagonist cannot be impeccable, as any of us should have defects.

The characters must be in a certain age bracket, this is linked to the language and terminology card. A 20-year-old man speaks differently than a 50-year-old gentleman. Men have different lifestyles and experience different emotions (fashion and lifestyle card).

When writing a romance, develop the story and dialogs card. The protagonist will confess his or her love, but cannot do it in common language. The moments of love must be read well. The card requires observation and sensitivity to the valuable transmission of feelings.

Another important card is the conflict card. The novel should show characters struggling with problems other than the love ones.

The world card is less important. The world must be logical and refined, but you don’t have to describe the background of the novel in detail.


The plot of the romance doesn’t start with an earthquake and the intensification of tension (Hitchcock principle). While working out the cards of starting the action and the situation without turning back, you should remember that the reader should not be overloaded with emotions. Follow the rule: Love is like a drizzle – you hardly feel it, but before you know it, you are all wet.

The essence of the romance thread is to be able to put obstacles in the way of lovers, which is the responsibility of the trail card. You can place obstacles outside or inside the relationship, such as distance, emotional problems and cultural barriers. When you work out the score card and the it is not over card, you can plan fullness of love for the perfect moment. The romance reader expects a happy ending to the novel, which you plan with the wisdom card.


Editing cards are essential to create an engaging and logical novel. You can easily organize all events prepared with Value Cards and Plot Cards. The story will be ordered and you will decide what emotions the reader will experience.

Using the settings card, introduce the reader to the presented world. Use the incident card to determine the goal and increase the pace of the action, and with the cards: story, increase of the action and breathing space, manipulate the emotions of the recipient. Use the climax card to find the moment to introduce the peak of the tension, while describing the card the evolution of conflicts control tensions and disputes.

All Writer’s Cards sets contain 14 Editing Cards.

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