How to write a fantastic novel

With Writer’s Cards, you will write a fantastic novel. Learn how to plan a heroic fantasy.


One of the first cards to be developed is the protagonist card. The protagonist cannot be impeccable, as any of us should have defects. He or she must make decisions and act, not just be an observer. Should be motivated, know what he or she wants, and have a strong desire to achieve his or her goal.

The protagonist’s ally and the enemy and the enemy’s ally cards should be developed just as carefully, with the difference that an ally can be a passive, inconclusive character.

Use the world card to initially define the universe. Use it to develop further Value Cards. Remember that if there are no logical links between Values Cards, you should improve the previously developed cards.

With the law card, develop the norms governing the world. Use the groups and organizations card to divide society into castes and organizations. In the time card, note the calendars and dates of events. Use the languages and terminology card to create words and their definitions. Fantasy fans love these nuances.

Use the geography card to outline the natural wonders, climate, natural disasters and their frequency. Use the nature card to describe fauna, flora and changes in nature.

The fantasy world must be coherent. If there are dragons living in it (the creatures card), they should match the rest of Value Cards. If magic exists (the magic card), it should be subject to rules, principles and restrictions. Religion always influences culture (the culture card), and technology (the science and technology card) determines how wars go.

In a fantasy world, there can be no shortage of conflicts. You will develop them using the conflict card. In fantasy novels, conflicts can take on a great dimension.


The way to start a fantasy book is to describe the life of the protagonist and his or her companions (ordinary world card), suddenly disturbed by an event that turns everything upside down (situation without turning back card). The sooner the protagonist is dragged into a key conflict, the better.

During the course of the action, the protagonist will be challenged (trial card) to prepare him or her for the final battle (preparation card). Overcoming a weakness has to be a key transformation that our hero goes through.


Editing cards are essential to create an engaging and logical novel. You can easily organize all events prepared with Value Cards and Plot Cards. The story will be ordered and you will decide what emotions the reader will experience.

Using the settings card, introduce the reader to the presented world. Use the incident card to determine the goal and increase the pace of the action, and with the cards: story, increase of the action and breathing space, manipulate the emotions of the recipient. Use the climax card to find the moment to introduce the peak of the tension, while describing the card the evolution of conflicts control tensions and disputes.

All Writer’s Cards sets contain 14 Editing Cards.

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